Monday, May 4, 2009

The Story of We

Last week I planned to blog everyday. Eh, I made it one day. C'est la vie. I'm just so important and busy, ya'll!

I get asked pretty often how Dale and I met. It's always weird because technically we met in a bar, which is what I say, but really he was a friend of my bff and she introduced me to him when we randomly saw him while we were out one night and 2 years later he and I started dating, so you can see it was a real whirlwind of love there at the beginning.

We met at The Ice House, in Lubbock. One of the coolest bars in the world, I loved that place, not that there was anything that made it spectacular but it was very laid back and there were always loads of cool people there and I just loved it. It's closed now so you can't go and try to prove me wrong so you'll just have to take my word on it.

Angie introduced me to Dale and Dale looked me straight in the boobs and said hello. Dale is a boobs man. I've never met a man who was so openly and honestly a boobs man and for some reason (beer) he felt very comfortable sharing this with me from hello. "Hello," he says, "You have big boobs, can I touch them?" Just like that. No nice to meet you's or pretending he had any other intent, the man knows what he likes and he liked my boobs. "Sure" I said through my own beer-haze. He was verified as OK because Angie introduced me to him, right?

We danced the two-step, which is more like the 3-step with Dale because he has his own version of the two-step. We danced and it was hard for me to dance in my 4 inch clogs so I took them off and danced on that disgusting floor barefoot. I'm surprised I didn't cut my foot off on a beer bottle or something. Later my feet were black. Gross. Knowing Dale now I'm sort of shocked he didn't puke all over me at the thought of my black disgusting feet. He always has shoes on, up until he gets into bed. Freak.

I don't remember the rest of that night but I wasn't planning to meet guys in Lubbock at the time and I had a couple of men on the back-burner and Dale was barely 21 to my aged 24. So, goodnight, boob-squeezer.

I saw him again a month later at the same bar. I couldn't remember how to dance because I hadn't drank that night and I'd been to visit Tennessee and did some dancing there in the mean-time, which is like the anti-two-step. He re-taught me to dance.

We saw each other every couple of months or so over the next two years. I was busy with my Master's and didn't want to date boys in Lubbock and really didn't want to date BOYS at all. He was young and had grabbed my boob on the first date and why did I let him do that anyway? Normally I would've punched a guy in the nose for that.

He always hit on me when we saw each other out. Always. He's a gentleman like that :)

In August 2004 I bought my jeep. My jeep needs it's own post, so I'll leave that for later. I saw Dale again in early September and we were talking about random stuff and I mentioned I had just bought a jeep. As if my big boobs weren't enough, I was also the owner of the sexy jeep rubicon he'd noticed in the parking lot. That did him in, I think. He was no longer hitting on me for the sake of just boobs, the man had a mission and the mission was me. I drove him home that night after a detour through the mud with the top off the jeep. I stalled him for a few weeks and then he temporarily stalled himself over a preppy hottie that was friends with his friends and always hung out at his house.

In late October me and Angie went to a tailgater at Texas Tech. I had one of those GAIT phones that was flat faced and butt-dialed everyone on the planet. Dale was the first number that came up when you pressed "down" and "3" and for some reaosn that phone could unlock itself when it so desired. We drove past Dale's group of friends and I waved hello and he gave me this shrug and a look like "WTF???" and held up his phone. Angie and I laughed at him and thought he was weird. We parked. We walked to our friends and Dale calls me. "What did you want?" he says. "You called me" I says. "No, you called me right before you drove by" he says. Much laughter insues from me and Angie. "yeah right, I was with Angie, she can verify, I didn't call you." "Check your phone" he says and sure enough, I'd called him. He met up with us and followed us around while we got drunk and checked out this hottie who was pretending to be a referee and still cracks me up when I think about him. He'd stand by the bathroom and blow his whistle at people who were in there too long and make calls at them like "Foul! Failure to wash your hands!" and he was wearing the full referee stripes and everything. I've got a picture of all of us girls with him. He was fabulous.

All of us girls went to the game and Dale borrowed my jeep, took it home and washed it. Isn't that sweet? He's not a big football fan. So that was it. We started dating and didn't quit. We fall more in love everyday (it took us 5 months to decide we were in love) and I wish it were that way for everyone. I wouldn't have it any other way.