Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Things We Do

I'll update this list from time to time, these are all the environmentally-friendly or just plain frugal things we do in our house. I'll add to this list as we go, because I've always got new ideas!

Eventually, I'll post about each topic - how we do it, how we feel about it, how easy/hard it is to make a switch to doing it, etc.

Reduce (use washcloths rather than paper towels in the kitchen, freeze leftovers, etc.)
Reuse (anything glass in our house becomes repurposed as some sort of container)
Recycle (We are lucky to have a great recycling program in our county)

Well, that covers it, ha! Here are more details about what we do in our house, just in case you are interested.

- Kitchen Towels/Washcloths rather than paper towels
- All our drinking glasses are glass containers from things like pickles, spaghetti sauce, jam.
- I make our laundry detergent
- We wash all clothes in cold water
- Cloth diapers on our baby
- Elimination Communication part-time to further reduce diaper use
- Breastfeed
- I make all our baby food
- Recycle anything we can't reuse
- Compost (we have a worm composter but we're going to also build a regular compost pile)
- Garden (right now just a salsa garden but we're adding until we grow everything ourselves)
- No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers unless organic
- Green house remodel
No VOC paints, glues, carpeting (made from corn) and carpet padding (made from soy)
Refinished kitchen cabinets (rather than new)
Used kitchen sink (from in-laws remodel)
All CFL bulbs
(We're still remodeling the house, so more to come!)
- Buy new USA-made whenever possible, non-China made otherwise, Used if we can find it
- Turn old clothes into new stuff - toys/hats/clothes for the baby, beds for the dogs, blankets etc.
-Take old stuff to Goodwill or sell it on Craig's List
- Eat LOCAL, Organic, Fresh whenever possible
- Green cleaners in our house
- Turn off A/C and open windows/use fans whenever possible
- Use dryer balls in the clothes dryer
- Line dry clothes whenever possible
- Use rainwater to water garden & plants
- I just started No Poo

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