Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Poo Sucks

I got tired of feeling gross. My hair was even thicker than normal, which might be great if I had thin hair normally but considering normally my hair is so thick you can't run your fingers through it... gross. I dunno that anyone else noticed my hair was different, so no-poo has that going for it. It wasn't that I smelled like pickles or my hair was stanky or nasty looking. I just felt gross. I felt dirty. I finished a shower and felt like I'd never gotten in. So yesterday I broke down and used what was left in my Pantene bottle - ummm holy cow I never realized how STRONG the fragrance is in there! Yikes! And yesterday after work in Austin I stopped at Whole Foods and purchased some honest-to-God paraben and phalate-free organic decent-smelling shampoo and conditioner. Lets hope I like it! I also picked up some new body wash/shampoo for Gray (even the BOTTLE is BPA free so that it won't leach BPA into the shampoo) and a tube of sunscreen (also paraben-free and blah blah blah) because today we are hitting the river! Expect a slideshow later this weekend.

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