Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't watch while Preggo!

Today I decided it would be a fun idea to watch "Premonition" (with Sandra Bullock). Not only are the pregnancy hormones in full swing, but this morning I woke up grumpy and in a fit, for no good reason. Well, maybe because I had to pee 3 times last night when I'd rather be sleeping soundly, and then my dogs want to get up promptly at 7 to go poddy themselves, and when I'd like for them to come back into the house, they ignore me, so I go back to bed only to be kept awake by them scratching at the back door, then let them in, get snuggled in bed and am kept awake by Sierra licking her vadge...
So I decide to watch "Premonition" thinking it is probably a cheesy movie since I haven't really heard of it before and it's got Sandra Bullock in it, which since Miss Congeniality, usually means cheese.
I haven't been bery weepy in the last few days, so I was confident in my abilities to watch this movie without sobbing.
Turns out, if you are a pregnant woman who loves her husband, you should NOT watch this movie. The entire movie was making me leak tears, and by the end, spoiler alert, I was WAILING. Not just crying, or sobbing, or leaking a few insignificant tears, I was a howling, bawling, snotty nose, tears in my ears, Mess.

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