Thursday, January 1, 2009

Apparently we're scumbags

Night before last, Dale and I headed over to the storage unit to get a few things I needed for work. (The unit is for my work and I keep files and stuff in there, as well as my 4-wheeler). This is what I found:

The silver circular lock is mine. The black lock is... management's. I have never in my life felt more like a scumbag! Apparently the main office never got the storage place's bill, so it never got paid. The funny thing is, I got this storage place in JUNE. I have been able to get into my storage unit for 7 months with no problems without paying, and I was none the wiser. What really pisses me off is that these people never thought to give me a phone call and say "Hey, do you know you've never paid your bill, in ... uh... 7 months?" Instead, they wait until the day before New Year's Eve and throw a damn lock on it! I'm betting these people aren't very business savvy!

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